Prayer Partner Letter

May 2017

Dear Prayer Partners,

Another school year is ending. As I write, we are two days from graduation. Along with 15 second-year students, we have 10 third-year students completing our pastoral training classes. We have seen great spiritual progress in these graduates and expect much fruit from their service.

After leaving school, our graduates’ first weeks are crucial in developing their “post EI” walk. Pray they will be strong and wise to establish good spiritual habits in their new experience.

Please pray for our 2017 internationals. Applicants have been assessed and scholarships granted. We ask that you pray for them as they navigate the visa process and for official approval of EI’s visa status.

We are thankful for a larger number of American applicants for 2017. We ask that you pray for even more. The Lord has stirred many American young people to attend EI through their youth conference experiences, so we ask that you particularly pray for our Totally His meetings.

We have been praying for revival among the young people in our churches. At the same time, we are working to this end. During the summer, we have camps and youth nights in addition to our youth conference. In some cases, we just make contacts; at other times, we make an effort to disciple. Please ask the Lord to bless our various youth events.

Summer is also the best time to perform maintenance and renovations necessary to ensure our facility remains useful. Please pray for provision and laborers needed for these projects.

Thank you once again for your identification with us before God’s throne. May the Lord strengthen and encourage you in every dimension of your life as you serve Him in prayer.

In Our Lord,
Art Nuernberg

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